Sitting at the forefront of technological innovation Owambe has been developed to make life easier for businesses of all sizes operating within events, hospitality or travel. Our systems and process aim to streamline the marketing, sales and administrative tasks associated with these sectors, and to do so we leverage relationships, particularly with agents with access to large targeted audiences. By appreciating that customers across these sectors share many commonalities, we’re able to bridge the gap and make a smoother and more fulfilling customer experience.

Gone are the days when a customer would have to search countless websites in order to compare and book services. With the use of Owambe, all competing and complementary services can be viewed from one platform and filtered to make for customer-centric results .With this in mind, our system is uniquely placed to truly benefit both business and consumer. From a business standpoint, we’ve consulted with hundreds travel, hospitality and events operators, identifying their biggest obstacles to success an working solutions to these problems with never before seen technology.

The issues that we’ve identified and addressed can be summarized as:

Promotion online visibility

Promotion and online visibility

solved via an innovative Global Distribution System allowing for worldwide exposure on highly targeted sites

Sales and booking

solved via booking portals (including Facebook!), multiple payment options and instant payment functionality

Sales and booking
Management and administration of events

The management and administration of events

solved via Customer Reservation System with provisions to eliminate double bookings, 24/7 tech support and Insurance cover as standard

Data tracking and improvement

solved via tracking of past and present sales metrics with all pertinent information made available

Data tracking and improvement

To see our system in action please take a look at the videos available on the following pages.