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Not many hotels have had the privilege of utilizing Owambe’s breathtaking and innovative hotel revenue management solutions, O’Frontdesk like this brand new Seaside Hotel. As a new brand, strongly positioned to give its competitors a run for their money, it is just amazing they have in their hands the secret of hotel success. terrified – she has no idea where to start or what to do if it all goes wrong! Mr Anthony Peterside, the CEO, has been dubbed a game changer by the press. His wealth of experience in the hospitality industry made him invest in a luxury 120 rooms hotel, overlooking the sea, a perfect romantic gateway and very suitable for the class conscious business executives. Yet, he knows that there are over thirty other luxury hotels that want the same thing as he wants; more bookings and profits. However, as an avid reader and a smart investor, he got to know about Owambe’s multi-faceted hotel solutions, O’Frontdesk, which among other things will increase his Search Engine Optimizations that will increase his rankings on a search engine. With this, he is sure to sell more rooms than his competitors, knowing fully well that his Hotel will be aggressively promoted to be the foremost choice of customers searching online to make hotel bookings. As a clever investor, Mr Peterside, figured out that the best way to increase his revenue is by having over 80% of bookings done directly on his website. Without clashing with the OTAs, he made use of O’Frontdesk that redirects enquiries about his hotel back to his own site, where bookings are made and real time remittance of funds into his company’s account. He owes no one commissions and no one owes him his profits. His accountant has described the process as easy and seamless. The best deal of it is how he was able to use social media integration to connect with several upwardly mobile customers. He knows many of them make enquires about hotel deals and make their bookings by themselves. His joy was indescribable when he got a fully optimized website from Owambe that is compatible with all devices. Now, not only will his hotel be an active online participant, the social media tools integrated in his website will make him to grow a vibrant community of customers and word has spread about his hotel and he knows he will get his rooms fully booked all year round.

Taylor got his job as the function room manager based on his high understanding of occupancy levels, demand patterns and revenue generated by space. He also knows how to capture periods of high and low demand to create a pricing strategy that is flexible enough to cover all demands points. But despite his very hard work, he usually does not get patronage due to the slow time response to the offers he posts in the industry newsletter bulletin. He also secretly blames the location of his space as the reason for low patronage and lesser profits. And because he could not afford to lose a sale, he has to resort to double bookings just to ensure he makes profit. That was a year ago. Now he can boasts of using his knowledge of market conditions and competitor actions to sell more his meeting rooms through O’Frontdesk innovative CSR that is one of the most innovative central reservation system for properties. With this, any online visitor can view his property unique features and request which options are relevant to them. Now he sells more, either by floor space or by the number of guests. Furthermore, his meeting room has been deployed to a multitude of channels and his account dashboard optimized to work well on all mobile and tablet applications. This gives his property more visibility and engagement with those that are in need of the property. And just like Mr Peterside, once he could get guests to book directly from his website, through O’Frontdesk tools, he was able to drive his RevPar significantly. He also was able to use his account to display social content for his marketing and advertising needs without outsourcing it, saving him significant amount of money. But the most important of it was the fact that he could feed real-time information, as the information is updated real-time across all channels. Hence, more people were able to book his meeting rooms more. Finally, because his account comes with a real-time availability calendar, he has successfully eliminated double bookings which have earned his meeting room more credibility and patronage.



MELLIEHA BAY is one of the popular resorts on the north coast of Malta. The landscape is inviting and the surroundings very enchanting. For those in the know, its unique selling point is the feeling of calmness that envelopes you, as you take a stroll around the beach with a cool drink in your hand. The chalets are clean and the food a wonder. For the visitors that have lodged there, they usually describe it as a paradise. Mrs Celestine Rhodes is a resort manager. She also wants her resort become as popular as Mellieha Bay. Previously, she engaged the services of a web developer to build her a functional website to showcase the resort in a positive way. However, when she logged in to the site, she was dismayed to see that the pictures were not so attractive and just made the resort ordinarily looking. To make matters worse, the web developer seems not to be bothered and she had been stuck with the website until now. Today, she is singing a different song. Her website has vivid colours and sharp images that spark a sense of adventure for the online visitor. This is courtesy O’Frontdesk design layout that features vibrant photos featuring gaily decorated rooms and enchanting landscape that will make any online visitor ready to pack his gear and rush down to the resort. Her resort was recently featured as a loud, bold paradise and hotspot travel destination in the industry news. Not only that, she knows no one can resist a good sale and she’s grateful for the features on her O’Frontdesk account that allows her to feature valuable seasonal sales prominently on her dashboard, spread across several channels, promoted by about 3,000 online Travel Promoters, which allows for more bookings for her resorts. Also irrespective of the weather, shec an creatively come up with deals that will lure people to her resort using O’Frontdesk dashboard. What’s more, she’s been trained by a Owambe’s consultant and they have been able to come out with real time, pro-active response to every review of the resort generated by clients. So she has no worries about bad reviews affecting the ratings of her resort. This is possible because of the advanced social media features integrated into the site that makes it so easy for her to interact with current and potential customers at a go. She also has the double advantage of having her guests’ book directly from their Facebook page. Right now, she believes her resort is on the path of financial fortune.


When people visit ‘The Grand Hall’ their first reaction, without exception, is always “IT’S BEAUTIFUL”. But alerting people to the fact the wedding venue exists is the hard part – that’s the part that venue owner Albert struggles with. The Grand Hall has a website but when competing against millions of other websites worldwide, it’s no surprise that listings are nowhere to be found on major search engines. For those enthusiastic and eager enough to actually find their site, the problem they face is that they can’t accept a booking before they cross reference to check the venue is actually available on that day and so the best they can do is have a contact form and ask people to get in touch. Not surprisingly, enquiries are minimal. O’Frontdesk solves these problems. As the central hub for venue booking worldwide, visitors flock to their B2C website or that of promoting agents, all of which list The Grand Hall alongside other venues and services in the events and hospitality industries. Albert is able to enter available dates and times, and even upload videos of the venue to ensure the “wow factor” is still present. This has the added value of helping to manage customer expectations so that they aren’t left disappointed or under any illusions as to what they should expect. The great part is, the calendar updates in real time each time a booking is made, meaning Albert no longer needs to cross reference availability – he knows the system will only ever show available dates. It also helps his peace of mind to know that O’Frontdesk insurance covers him in case anything goes wrong. Bookings have increased dramatically as a result of the increased exposure, and Albert now works closely with vendors he met through the site – vendors like Jane who decorates chairs for weddings – to ensure his clients have the best experience possible on their big day.

Frank’s website has an avid readership who love to read his blog posts and hear his stories and exploits. Lately he’s been writing about the highs and lows of investing in the stock market. He’s by no means a financial wizard, but he enjoys the thrill of identifying stocks and waiting to see if the markets will rise or fall. Evidently, his audience likes to hear about this too. Given the readership he has, Frank wonders how to monetize his website. After all, he needs to recoup that money he lost on his latest stock pick somehow! The problem is, he doesn’t have any products or services to sell of his own. With O’Frontdesk, Frank is able to act on behalf of those with products or services to sell. He’s able to set his own price for events he wants to promote, thereby factoring in his own markup. O’Frontdesk takes care of payment processing for him – all he has to do is encourage his visitors to take a look at what’s on offer. It feels great to check his sales stats every day to see the money rolling in, and he loves the fact that he’s helping out worthwhile businesses to make bookings and sales – businesses like Kristen’s, who in fact he’s looking forward to flying from overseas to see personally at an exhibition she’s hosting in a few weeks’ time.



Many will tell you that life as a vendor is not a stroll in the park. With impossible deadlines to meet and overbearing clients who have elaborate plans but have little or no budget. And that is nothing compared to seasons of draught when clients come in trickles if at all. So you realise that when the chips are down, bills have got to be paid. But just when you thought you have seen it all, economic recession deals your business a fatal blow and you have no other choice but to lay off a quarter of your workers or more. Reluctantly, you accept your displacement from the supply chain by your arch competitor. So when people remember your brand, they sigh, “what a pity!” That was the story of Mr. Jude, a successful vendor who almost lost out to his competitors. Thanks to his timely introduction to the O’Frontdesk platform, now he is back in business, and even better. Mr. Jude now enjoys unprecedented patronage on the platform by simply signing up as a partner where he is granted unlimited access to millions of potential client. Additionally, being on O’ allows him to play in the same place with other partners offering complementary goods and services. One among the benefits of being part of the O’Frontdesk Partner Network is being able to collaborate with other partners offering complementary services. With credible business owners endorsing his brand, Mr. Jude is able to expand his reach and this naturally impacts his revenue. He gets instant gratification as he gets paid immediately. All transactions are conducted at no extra cost and most importantly, at their convenience.

Additionally, he enjoys free advertising with the free dynamic website and “top of the mind” awareness strategy O’Frontdesk adopts. This gives him wide followership and patronage as he is constantly in the faces of his potential clients. Also, the Instant Chat & Send Query tools on the O’ platform engenders healthy interaction with his customers, as he learns firsthand better ways to serve them. Having been trained as a consultant manager, he is in full control of his business, driving and monitoring sales report. He uploads images and videos that give a foretaste of the value he offers and more. Since his partnership on O’Frontdesk, he has been offering attractive deals; securing his clients’ loyalty and thankfully reinstated among successful businesses in the vendor industry. Gone are the days when he had to worry about things going wrong. Now he sleeps easy, knowing that O’Frontdesk insurance has him covered should the need arise.

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